Champ Industries


Since 1967


In 1967, David Bridges embarked on what has evolved into a very successful career journey, by joining the employ of the Paul Moore Co., a manufacturer of hospitality equipment. Employed initially as an assembler, David quickly rose through the ranks to become the Shop Foreman.

In 1988, Champion Industries, a manufacturer of commercial dishwashers from North Carolina acquired the Paul Moore Co. to establish a U.S. presence in Canada. David accepted the position of General Manager. To address a downturn in the hospitality industry, David diversified the operation to include not only the manufacture of glass washers, but also other outside work. Magikist, a Winnipeg distributor of car wash equipment, became a valued customer, and in essence the backbone on which the company's viability was assured at that time.

Four years later, David seized the opportunity to purchase the company, renaming it Champ Stainless. With a loyal group of employees from the Paul Moore Co., David embarked on the challenging adventure of 'Owner.'

As the industry recognized Champ's reputation for quality and diversification as a full-service metal fabrication and assembly facility, the customer base expanded to include many new customers. In particular, New Flyer Industries, a stalwart in the bus manufacturing industry, has been a key player in the growth and success of Champ Stainless.

By 1998 Champ had outgrown its facility on Dufferin Avenue and relocated to 360 Dawson Rd. In order to remain on the cutting edge of the industry, Champ acquired state of the art lasers, brakes, and punches. Quality Control also became an integral part of its operation, with ISO 9001:2015 certification in 2002. A name change to Champ Industries in 2004 more accurately reflects the company's diversification. In order to accommodate the growing U.S. content requirements of its customers, Champ Industries opened its second location in Jamestown, North Dakota, USA in 2005.

Champ Industries is a success story - and is well positioned for growth and to support the local and global economies well into the future. Every endeavor requires inspiration and our company draws on the strength and determination of Champ, a long ago, loyal canine friend of the owner. His legacy is reflected in our loyalty to employees and steadfast relationships with customers and suppliers.

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