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Sheetmetal Component Fabrication

Champ Industries is a recognized industry leader in forming plate up to .75" and profiling plate up to 1" from a variety of metals, including aluminum, carbon and stainless steel.

Our in-house sheetmetal capabilities include:

  • TRUMPF Lasers with 1" thick cutting capacity and 80 x 160 sheet capacity. The laser beam is a universal tool for efficiently cutting and welding, even in the most demanding automated production lines. TRUMPF lasers provide top-notch quality and offer high system uptimes.

  • TRUMPF Press Brakes for all your forming needs

  • TRUMPF TC 2020 - 20 Ton CNC Punch Press with 6' x 12' sheet capacity

  • All steel shear - 10' capacity. 1/4" Mild Steel - 7 gauge Stainless Steel capacity


Committed to Consistent Quality

Champ's dedication to quality is evident by:

  • Dedicated "quality assurance" personnel. We strive to achieve excellence in product conformance and deliver the precision that our customers expect.

  • ISO 9001:2008 certification: A quality management system that thrives on continual improvement and which enables us to achieve overall organizational effectiveness.

  • Implementation of "JobBOSS" manufacturing software. JobBOSS is an integrated and flexible management software that helps us to more efficiently run our business. JobBoss assists us in preparing quotes, scheduling, job tracking, costing, purchasing and inventory.

Tube laser

The new TruLaser Tube 7000 has much to offer. Through thick and thin the 7000 cuts tubes and profiles with large diameters and wall thicknesses and can handle the smallest of jobs as well.

  • It can cut tubes and channel up to 29 feet long

  • Wall thickness is as follows:
    Aluminum Steel: .187 inches
    Carbon Steel: .375 inches
    Stainless Steel: .25 inches

  • The TruLaser Tube 7000 is more than ready for a wide range of tasks

  • Cuts complex contours effortlessly without actually touching the tube

  • A whole new range of options - such as snap and plug-in connections

  • The step rollers which support and guide the tubes laterally, automatically adjust for various diameters

  • The LoadMaster Tube automatically adapts to various tube geometries

  • Seam Detection


Champ Industries recognizes the importance of investing in the latest technology to manufacture superior products.

Proud to Manufacture Solutions

By working closely with our customers through every step of the manufacturing process - from the drawing board to delivery - Champ Industries provides cost effective solutions for custom fabrication projects of any size or scope. This includes everything from component fabrication to tube processing, welding and assembly services.


Champ Industries prides itself on its team of CWB certified welders that provide leading edge services, including excellence in Tig and Mig welding.

Our in-house welding capabilities include:

  • CWB Standard 47.1 and 47.2

  • Qualified procedures and personnel for AWS D1.6 and AWS D1.3

  • Tig stations

  • Mig stations

  • Spotwelding

  • All welders are CWB certified

assembly services

From prototype to production, Champ Industries has the capability to fabricate and assemble products for a wide range of industries, including transportation, aerospace, agriculture, food service and commercial manufacturing.

Our in-house assembly capabilities include:

  • Unlimited capacity for the smallest jobs and the experience to undertake projects of any size

  • Pressure testing

  • Space available for large-scale assemblies